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While we check and update our caterers list on a regular basis, the Fresno Film Commission assumes no liability for the experience, reliability and credentials presented.

Full Service

Classic Catering Co                                      559.299.9626

Cosmopolitan Catering                                 559.266.8662

Eat It Up                                                      559-478-0380

Holland Park West                                        559.275.4444

International Catering                                   559.228.2111   

The Painted Table                                          559-443-7199

Paradise Catering                                           559.940.0007

Pardini’s Catering                                           559.224.3188

Trelio Contemporary Cuisine                          559.297.0783

Limited Service

Bobby Salazar’s Mexican Restaurant            559.227.1686

Grill at the Meat Market                                   559.436.6741

Ovidio’s Italian Restaurant                              559.435.1396

Piemonte’s Italian Delicatessen                     559.237.2038

Sam’s Italian Deli                                            559.229.9346

Teriyaki Don                                                    559.439.6759